What really makes an entrepreneur? Know the key characteristics of the entrepreneurs in my new article.

The entrepreneur is a special individual that has the highest chances of affecting the state of the world. An entrepreneur provides a solution to a current problem or need of the society and is paid for it. Payments can come in all forms aside from money. And because of this, he or she is the main proponent of change through the generations. The following are what makes up the individuality of an entrepreneur.

  1. Personal Integrity

Among the key characteristics of entrepreneurs are that they are immensely optimistic, are fuelled by their unquenchable thirst of curiosity and are able to make decisions if the need arises. It is often no difficult task to differentiate an entrepreneur among a crowd of individuals. They have of certain air of life and direction in life. The truly remarkable thing in their character is how they use these three qualities in order to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They go on setting higher and higher goals above them so that are always nearer to making that certain contribution within the society.

  1. Personal Management

Entrepreneurs never dwell too long on the thought of a venture. They get what they need and they start immediately. Entrepreneurs know that the planets will not align themselves in order to signal them to start what they have been thinking about. They know that they will eventually get the lacking pieces of the endeavor along the ways as he or she grows along with the purpose. If they need a team or additional equipment, they know they will eventually come as long as they stick to the process. And an entrepreneur does not necessarily need to be at the center or at the spearhead of a revolutionary purpose. There are those who have been only a part of an organization but proved to be of the same or a better contributor to society.

  1. Personal Mission

True entrepreneurs have a personal mission. They have this personal dedication to a certain purpose that gives them the zeal to get things done and never to deviate from that mission. May it be for the betterment of his quality of life along with his family or to contribute to a larger community or society, it is this specific mission that sets him apart from ordinary people. Those who had a great start tend to naturally fail when they have swayed from their original purpose. The only possible change of mission is that of enlargement of the scope of its direction and purpose.


Everyone can become an entrepreneur, as long as the main ingredients to become one are genuinely followed. If not guided and trained earnestly, people can become slaves to money alone. There are still some people who shun entrepreneurs because of money-makers who claim themselves to be as such. It is can prove difficult to walk within this society filled with frauds and swindlers without a stable and concrete sense of self. Having a changeless core is the definite anchor one can hold on to so that young entrepreneurs are not swept away from the correct paths they must travel on through their lives.

Written by Kenneth Hogrefe