African based entrepreneurs are trying out to create new business opportunities in terms of products and services no matter what the sector is. Know more about the new development trends in Africa.

With its rapid growth in consumers, entrepreneurial potentials and innovations, Africa is seen as an emerging power by the rest of the world. Though a lot of issues are still here, such as limited energy supply, poor health and educational infrastructures, a strong labor force and middleclass have created new opportunities for Africa as well as foreign companies that are interested to invest in this continent. With all these recent developments, below-mentioned are some trends taking the continent by storm.

Currently, the young generation of Africa is more independent, optimistic, connected and very proud of its heritage. These recent trends in African literature, music, art and fashion are also making waves worldwide through the hard work and entrepreneurial ambitions of the young Africans. Some multi-national companies are also initiating creative collaborations between the continent and the rest of the world.

A World Of Opportunities

The lack of basic amenities and social infrastructures, like poor power supply, traffic and so on have made it difficult for most African youths to operate as well as carry-out their daily activities in a proper manner. This can be an opportunity for the multi-national companies to come up with different solutions, such as transportation systems with entertainment facilities where people can have access to power while they are on the move.

Most of the young Africans own one or two mobile phones because they want the best deals from all the networks, hence mobile business is a big deal in this continent and everyone wants a network that can offer them the full package at reasonable rates. They just want faster connection, more airtime and more data.

Though there are about 250 mobile healthcare services in Africa, which is even more than those in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East, there is still a lot of work needed to be done in this sector. Most of the Africans are ready to pay a lot for the best healthcare services, meaning that it’s a medium for the global health operators to invest in this continent and reach out to the less privileged children as well as women.

With the impressive increase in the amount of technological hubs around the Sub-Saharan Africa, African entrepreneurs are trying out to create new business opportunities in terms of products and services no matter what the sector is. It could be education, health or even agriculture. Some start-up competitions organized by some local organizations have gotten the attention of many business-minded people to provide solutions to the challenges faced by the Africans daily. All of these factors can assist the multi-national companies to identify where to focus and invest in order to create a major impact on this continent’s overall economy.           

In order to solve most of the problems in Africa, international corporate bodies need to understand the mode of operations of this continent and also the reality on the ground. By doing this, they can provide adequate solutions to most of the issues faced by the native Africans on a daily basis.

Written by Kenneth Hogrefe